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Past and Current Teaching: 

University of British Columbia (CA)

Simon Fraser University (CA)

Malta University (MT)

Falmouth University (UK)

Emily Carr University (CA)

Canaldanse (FR)

Modus Operandi (CA) 

Harbour Dance Centre (CA) 

Chapel Sound (CA)

Indie Filmmakers Lab (CA)

WeDance (CA) 

Vancouver Training Society (CA)

Cornwall Youth Dance Company (UK)

TR14ers Hip Hop Youth Company (UK)

Daghdha Dance Company (IE)

Fröjdans (SE)

Kävesta College (SE)


As a dance artist, teaching and learning is a big part of my practice. I value the class space as a place for exchange, experimentation and discovery of the body- mind -being. I teach Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation, 

Composition, Choreography for Non- Dancers and Interdisciplinary Collaboration. For workshop and class descriptions, contact me via email.


Your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip," Jonathan would say, other times, "is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see. Break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body, too. - Richard Bach

I have been teaching dance since 2004 and hold an MFA degree from Simon Fraser University and a PGCHE (higher education teaching qualification) from Falmouth University.


This grey and rainy October flew by, thanks to a couple of great teachers. We were fortunate to have Emmalena Fredriksson for two weeks. She is an incredible dancer/choreographer/teacher, with an infectiously positive attitude and enthusiasm for all things movement. - Lesley Kosinski, Dance Student 

Though Emmalena has been one of the youngest members of our teaching staff at Falmouth University, she has been highly committed to the development of the program and her classes have been of a high quality in content and delivery, and consistently popular with both students and staff, receiving excellent feedback particularly from our most highly achieving students. Emmalena’s technique class is unparalleled – though release technique is a wide-reaching form with many influences, she has assimilated a range of teachings and developed her own approach. - Malaika Sarco-Thomas, Falmouth University

This is exactly the kind of training that I crave and the thoroughness of Emmalena's pedagogy is wonderful. - Jane Osborne, Dance Artist

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