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Together () Apart | Isabelle Kirouac

Isabelle Kirouac's TOGETHER ( ) APART is an intimate performance installation focused on borders. Composed of a series of live one-on-one encounters, each audience member is invited to share space with each performer. Together ( ) Apart examines our relationships to borders as a space of hybridity where differences meet, simultaneously dividing and connecting us and our environment. Exploring the edge of balance, the boundary of the flesh, empathy, territory, presence and absence, each poetic interaction is an attempt to explore physical, social and political aspects of borders. How do we construct our mutable identities? How far does the air we exhale travel? How permeable is the boundary of our flesh? How far can we stretch our perception of space? Do we feel closer to each other when we are together or apart? What lives in the space in-between us? The format of one-on-one performances offers a unique connection with an-other, the ‘foreign body’ marked by an invitation to respond. It offers a precious opportunity to bridge beyond borders, to embrace the edge and to meet-in-difference.

Artistic Director: Isabelle Kirouac
Ashley Whitehead, Emma Garrod, Emmalena Fredriksson, Hailey McCloskey, Kat Single-Dain, Michael Undem, Willoughby Arevalo
Music Composition/Instrument Design: Willoughby Arevalo
Sound Design: Kivanç Tatar
Set Design/Installation: Chelsea Louise Grant, Steve Gairns
Lighting Design: Kyla Gardener
Video Design: Paul Paroczai
Artistic Advisors: Rob Kitsos, Steven Hill

Andi Icaza-Largaespada, Dancing and Advancing to the Edge
Dillon Ramsey, Across the Divide: Isabelle Kirouac’s Together () Apart
Justin Ramsey, Choose your Own Adventure

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