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This Score Is | Collaboration with Kyla Gardiner

An ongoing collaboration with lighting designer Kyla Gardiner. Exploring the interaction between two people and two art forms in performance.


By sharing strategies and structures of improvisation and composition, giving lighting design and dance equal roles and importance, this piece questions the perception of what ‘body’ is.

Not only can light completely change the perception of the moving body on stage (for both an audience and a performer), it can also be a body itself, autonomous as a presence and performer.

Challenging the expectations and assumptions of our disciplines and interaction in a theatre/performance context. The result is a balancing act between seriousness and silliness, creating space for imagination, intimacy and surprise.


Performed at The Institutional Cheese plate, November 2013 and at The Embodied Artful Practices Symposium, July 2014 at SFU, Vancouver. 


This project was created with the support of Simon Fraser University.


Photography Curtis Grahauer

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