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The Score Project | Alex Mah

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The interdisciplinary text score project is a process through in which Alex Mah developed a language and  of scoring for musicians and dancers. Drawing from Fluxus, composers Christian Wolff, James Saunders, and Pauline Oliveros, and conceptual art, Alex develops text scores (also known as verbal scores) designed to generate material, regardless of discipline.

The project was part of an artist residency at EDAM, a contemporary dance company. Artistic Director Peter Bingham is mentored Alex during the residency as well as by DD Kugler. The musicians involved in the project are Chris Kelly, Stefan Smulovitz, and Francois Houle and the dancers are Emmalena Fredriksson and Arash Khakpour.

This project and residency was funded by the BC Arts Council.

**edam scores - book of all scores from my residency**

Phase I scores:
glassy whispers
some times
sometimes a thought drifts

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