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The Lonely Shoulder and Other Stories

The Lonely Shoulder and Other Stories was commissioned by Modus Operandi in October 2015 for their year end show.

Created in collaboration with the students. 


"We are a city of people in a landscape of relationships. Constructed, ornamented and wild. Wild. We are architects, explorers and exploiters. We frame look out points where the view is nice. Nice. We take a photo to remember and we remember the photo as we scroll down. No regrets as we pass through lethal selfie zones, shared realities, likes and dislikes. " 

Danced by: Samantha Krystal, Isak Enquist, Jenna Mazur, Ted Littlemore
Katie Howard, Matthew Wyllie, Callista Gilks, Zahra Shahab, Cassidy Rainer, Shay Saver, Kaitey DeSante, Hayley Gawthrop, Rianne Svelnis, Avery Smith, Matilda Cobanli, Jamie Robinson, Sierra Knight, Lorenz Santos, Kevin Li, Andrea Cowden, Layla Mrozowski, Ileanna Cheladyn and
Flora Yeung.

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