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The Living

A choreographic exploration of how the body can manipulate and be manipulated by plastic, soil and breath, materials more or less necessary for living (as we know it). Through the images and situations arising the work touches on notions of death, cycles of life, rituals, modern society and environmental issues.


Performed at: 

Dartington Arts, UK (informal showing) February 2012

The Burell Theatre, Truro UK (Gaining Ground)

The Poly, Falmouth, UK (On The Wire) December 2012

The Hay Studio (A Performance Event) June 2013

Mascall Dance, Vancouver, CA (Bloom) May 2014 


Performed by Stella Azzurra, Filipe Moreira, Verena van den Berg, Zandra Jager, Jayne Devlin, Emmalena Fredriksson, Renée Sigouin, Daisy Thompson and Lexi Vajda 


Music Nick Mott

Film Chris Campkin and Brett Harvey

Photography Anne Bala, Delia Spatareanu, Yvonne Chew, Layla Mrozowski and Jay Jones


This project was created with the support of Dartington Arts, The Works, Falmouth University, The Fish Factory and The Hay Studio (UK) and Mascall Dance (CA).  

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