The Games We Play


The Games We Play was comissioned by Simon Fraser University in April 2014 for the Dance Main Stage show Shift. Created in collaboration with the Dancers: Marc Arboleda, Clara Chow, David Clennin, Anna Dueck, Sarina Egan-Sitinjak, Isabella Flores, Jenna Lee Hay, Rachel Helton, Alisa Merlin, Melissa Panetta, Eowynn Penny-Huguet, Desi Rekrut and Alisa Vink.

Musicians: Alexandra Spence and Ben Wylie and

Lighting Designer: Kyla Gardiner. 


"There are many sides to this story, eighteen at least. One side is yours, which might not be much of a side at all but perhaps just a moment in time. We change perspectives, understand, discover, agree and disagree. We create new versions, cut and paste, reverse and remember.  As individuals within a group, a dance piece within a theatre, these are the games we play."   


Preview interview by Ian Bryce, In The City Blog

Shift-ing Expectations


Photography Jonathan Kim