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TaSTE Project | Collaboration with Dr. Bob Pritchard

TaSTE is the Tracking and Smart Textiles Environments project. It combines two previous projects: the Kinect-Controlled Artistic Sensing System (KiCASS) and the Responsive User Body Suit (RUBS). KiCASS uses Kinect-for-Windows hardware and custom written software to track dancers in performance, using the resulting data to control audio, video, and theatre lighting. RUBS consist of dance leotards with e-textile sensors, and the data has been used to control audio and video triggering and processing. Combining the two results in a new, more sophisticated performance environment.

TASTE is led by Prof. Bob Pritchard (University of British Columbia), with input from Profs. Keith Hamel (Music) and Sid Fels (Engineering). Future collaboration will involve Prof. Nancy Paris (British Columbia Institute of Technology). Dancers/choreographers include Ziyian Kwan and Emmalena Fredriksson, and dancers Sarah Wasik and Danielle Lee. Musicians include Kiran Bhumber, Paulo Bortolussi, and Margaret Lancaster. Textile design and costume development is done by Alaia Hamer, and code refactoring is carried out by Ian Lavery.

I've been working as a choreographer on four pieces within this project:

Kiran Bhumber's Transmute

performed at FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery, May 2019.

To Travel the Distance of a Changing Feeling

Music/code: Brian Topp; Kat Gimon

Choreography: Emmalena Fredriksson; Dancer: Sarah Wasik;

Flute: Emily Richardson and Margaret Lancaster;

Concept/production; Bob Pritchard.

Performed at The Winter Bang Dec 2019 and 

The Spaces In Between

Music/code: Michael Ducharme; Choreography: Emmalena Fredriksson; Dancer: Danielle Lee; Bass Clarinet: Carlos Savall Guardiola; Concept/production; Bob Pritchard.

Performed at The Winter Bang Dec 2019

T(w)o Nearly Touch You

Choreographed and Danced by Ziyian Kwan and Emmalena Fredriksson

Concept/production; Bob Pritchard.

Tech Kiran Bhumber

Performed at NIME2018 in Virginia, US, May 2018

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