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Stroking The Unknown Dog

Originally conceived in Ireland in 2010, Stroking The Unknown Dog traveled through time - grew longer hair, sharper edges, a bigger heart and wilder dreams.

Developed in collaboration with six Vancouver-based artists; Alex Mah, Alexa Mardon, Ashley Whitehead, Layla Mrozowski, Maria Houar and Marc Arboleda. This is a choreographic exploration of the performance score as a framework for articulating sensation, thoughts and feelings through movement and sound. The six performers continuously make choices of how to follow and respond to a set of instructions throughout the performance, creating a real time composition of ever-changing bodies and relationships while pondering notions of individuality, community and the animals within. As a result each performance becomes unique to its time and place. Creating a dynamic experience for both performers and audience.

“Stroking The Unknown Dog (2014) invites you to the world as we don’t know it, to swim in the grey zone and to tickle the unknown.” 


Preview Article by Megan Stewart, VANDOCUMENT

Of Collaborations and Cheese Plates


Lighting Design: Kyla Gardiner

Video: Dan O'Shea

Photography Adam Campkin

This project was created with the support of Daghdha Dance Company and Simon Fraser University. 

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