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Soft Palate

Inspired by the paintings of Hilma Af Klint, Alice in Wonderland and dream sharing, Soft Palate is a warm switch, a precious shattering, a vivid feel. Close your eyes. Submerge yourself. Under the surface sensitive creatures thrive. Hidden, nestled, burrowing. Soft Palate is a choreographic play on perspective and texture as experienced through three characters' journey into a dream world of subconscious reflections.


Created and performed by Emmalena Fredriksson
in collaboration with Hayley Gawthrop and Jessica Keeling (dance, voice).
Costumes: Alaia Hamer
Video: Alex Thornton
Lighting Design: Taylor Janzen and Gabriel Raminhos
Music: Linda Fox
Sound Recording: Bob Pritchard

Photography: Luciana D'Anunciacao


Soft Palate was originally created for the Edam Choreographic Series Spring 2021

Recent | Upcoming Performances


FORM Festival 2022

Dancing on The Edge and Cultural Unit

Soft Palate and Ecdysis are set to share the stage as a double bill with Dancing on The Edge 2023, in partnership with School for the Contemporary Arts, SFU Woodward's Cultural Programs, and Dancing on The Edge. Work by SFU MFA graduate Emmalena Fredriksson as well as her collaborators, costume designer Alaia Hamer and lighting designer Kyla Gardiner, will be showcased in this five-week residency. 

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