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p(l)ace is a site- responsive work created and performed in Yaletown Park in November 2015. Presented as part of Dance in Vancouver's Choreography Walk, curated by Justine A. Chambers. 

As a response to the social choreography of Yaletown Park this colourful intersection of movements playfully explore notions of filling and emptying within the structure of the body, the dancing collective and the city itself.

Created and performed in collaboration with Matilda Cobanli, Robert Azavedo, Felicia Lau, Hailey McCloskey, Layla Mrozowski and Avery Smith.  

Photography Adam Campkin, Emmalena Fredriksson and Erik Zennstrom.


 Video by Jenna Mazur of the Choreography Walk.

p(l)ace featured from min. 0.32-1.16

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