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Oh Well

Oh Well is a new dance duet that explores our relationship to romanticism and what it means to be together in two's, both on stage and in romantic partnership. Two dancers wearing identical costumes, move in perfect unison, through complicated impossible tasks, independently and in co –dependence. The dance is intersected with texts based on previous relationships, romantic experiences, fairy tales and online dating dialogues. Oh Well questions and knows at the same time: what do we know about love? And what we know about love. 

The full length work will be presented at Left of Main April 9, 10 and 11 2020 by Machine Noisy Dance Society. 

Created in collaboration with: 

Dancers Lexi Vajda and Francesca Frewer

Composer Kiran Bhumber

Dramaturge Raina von Waldenburg


Video: Nancy Lee

Photography: Erik Zennström and Kenny Welsh

Developed through the support of The Canada Council for The Arts, The Happening and What Lab studios in Vancouver March-July 2019. 

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