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Fall 2022

You Touch Me

Arash Khakpour and I will be sharing the stage in our premiere of UNTITLEdISTANCEs in Dec 2022 @ The Dance Centre B.C. We will entertain, inquire and provoke universal themes such as togetherness, aging and love to those more arrestingly contemporary such as our rapidly changing climates and migration. What is it that links this wild range of themes? Us. This is a work you don't want to miss!


My Cyborg alter ego is scheduled to meet her home audience October 20-21-22, 2022 @ Progress Lab 1422, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Ecdysis at Progress Lab 1422 is a site specific installation and immersive performance experience. Incorporating a sound installation, video projection, live performance, set and lighting design in the courtyard outside Progress Lab. Ecdysis at Progress Lab 1422  is in partnership with Tara Cheyenne Performance and New Works. Thank you for giving my cyborg alter ego the opourtunity to meet with her home audience! 

Summer 2022 


In June 19, 2022 I will showcase the stage rendition of Ecdysis @ Rotary Center for the Arts Kelowna. Ecdysis is a large collaboration with Bob Pritchard, Daniel Tsuii,  Alaia Hamer, Filip Gorecki, Kyla Gardiner, and Hayley Gawthrop. The work highlights topics of identity, power, and gender while the cyborg awakens to its current form. The cyborg has more to share, Stay tuned for Details on future showings! 

Spring 2022


Collaboration with Bob Pritchard, David Owen and Turning Point Ensemble @ The Annex, Jan 2022 Vancouver. 

Fall 2021 

Oh Well

performance postponed due to Covid-19 @ Left of Main December 2021


Summer 2021 

Leña Residency

I have been granted the pleasure to explore and create on Galiano island, BC in August 2021  as an artist in residence. 

Spring 2021 

Soft Palate

I will be performing in the online rendition of Soft Palate as part of The Edam dance spring series 2021, in June 2021 Vancouver.  This work draws inspiration from painting of Hilma Af Klint, Alice in Wonderland and dream sharing. Soft Palate is a choreographic play on perspective and texture as experienced through three characters' journeys into a dream world of subconscious reflections. Don't miss out on the online sharing of Soft Palate! 

Oh Well 

performance postponed due to Covid-19 @ Left of Main, January 2021 Vancouver 

Fall 2020


Dec 2020 premiere postponed until Dec 2022 (due to Covid-19), @ The Dance Centre B.C. 

UNTITLEdISTANCEs is a Duet created by Arash Khakpour and I that explores contact and text improvisation in dance performance. Come see what we have come up with in our residencies with this work!


The Cyborg will make its appearance in Sweden through the digital platform @ Going Solo Together Festival in December 2020. This online festival is an absolute honour to be apart of as it allows Ecdysis to make its way to Sweden during this difficult time. 

New Commission by Temple Contemporary

October 2020 premiere (postponed due to Covid-19), Philadelphia, USA



Synapses is a Collaboration with Bob Pritchard, David Owen and Turning Point Ensemble video (due to Covid-19) Fall 2020.  This film explores communication through sound, light and movement while highlighting the excellency of each collaborator involved. Click the link above to watch the film as many times as you like!

 Wind Eye

 I am pleased to have been Commissioned to choreograph Wind Eye as part SFU’s Interleaving Repertory Dancers go digital in Nov 2020 . This 4min dance film moves between dream-like and concrete realities. Through expansive and intimate movements the film connects four women (Myah McCarthy, Desiree James, Sarah Kennedy, and Bronwyn Pollock) in four different yet similar places, taking us beyond the screen and into an emotional landscape of the present time.   

Summer 2020 


Arash Khakpour and I will be in Residence @ The Dance Centre 2019/2020 to further develop and share our duet UNTITLEdISTANCEs. Come check out how this project has developed! If you can not make this showing, We will also Perform this duet @ Accelerate 3.0. in Jan 2020 and @ Infringing Dance Festival in Nanaimo in July 2020.

Spring 2020 

Oh Well

April 2020 performance postponed (due to Covid-19) Left of Main, Vancouver


choreography by Daisy Thompson performed @ SFU, Vancouver, CA

Fall 2019

Third Space

September 14, 4pm @ The Dance Centre - Free

October 20, 2pm @ The Roundhouse for Dance All Sorts/New Works I've had the pleasure of performing in Isabelle Kirouac's new work Third Space. In April we had a residency at The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and performed at The Pace. The work will be shown again in the fall at The Dance Centre open House and New Works performance series. ​


December 6th, Time tbc @ The Dance Centre / open studio showing - Free 

I'm thrilled to announce that Arash and I will, through a residency at The Dance Centre this fall and with the support of Canada Council for the Arts, develop our duet UNTITLEdISTANCE with a new cast of five bilingual dancers. On December 6th we will do a studio sharing of the first phase of the process. Stay tuned for more! ​


Teaching WE DANCE with XXI (Open Level Contemporary Dance)

Vancouver 7:30-9pm Tuesday nights @ The Dance Centre years classes will be taught by teaching Collective XXI: Lexi Vajda, Rianne Svelnis, Alexa Mardon, Emmalena Fredriksson, Francesca Frewer and Daisy Thompson. ​


Teaching at SFU BFA Dance Program

I'm delighted to be back at SFU as a term lecturer on the BFA dance program at The School for Contemporary Arts this fall. ​             


Summer 2019 

Oh Well

July 12th 11pm/ July 13th 1pm @ What Lab (1814 Pandora Street) $10 well is a new dance duet created in collaboration with dancers Lexi Vajda and Francesca Frewer. The work explores our relationship to romanticism and what it means to be together in two's, both on stage and in romantic partnership. Music composed by Kiran Bhumber. Presented as part of a What Lab residency alongs side new works by Ileanna, Jamie and Zahra. Trailer:

Tidal Traces

VR 360 Dance Film - Now viewable online! Captured offshore on intertidal mudflats near Vancouver, three characters explore a new and uncertain world—moving between tranquility and ominousness, beauty and peril. Entangled in this tension, the viewer becomes the fourth character. Created by myself and Nancy Lee, danced by Lexi Vajda, Rianne Svelnis and Zahra Shahab. Music by Kiran Bhumber. Produced by the National Film Board in 2017 Full film:


Teaching Working Class 10-11:30am July 8-12th @ The Dance Centre

Teaching Harbour Dance Summer Intensive 11:10am-12:40pm @ Harbour Dance Centre​       


Spring 2019

Mann Ist Mann 

2019 started off with a new collaboration with visual artist Babak Golkar, choreographing a series of dances for video for his exhibition 

All the Blind Men 

Danced by Matthew Wyllie and Aiden Cass this piece is an interpretation of a piece of music that Bertolt Brecht wrote for an early play, titled Mann Ist Mann, which he played between 1924-1926. The play humorously explores themes of war, human fungibility, and identity. One of the agitprop works inspired by the developments in USSR praising the bolshevik collectivism and replaceability of each member of the collective: a man is a man. Golkars Mann Ist Mann is conjured through a triangular dialogue between sound, video-recorded performance, and a painted image of the Tsar of Russia pretending to fly. In each case, by distorting assumed certainties of perspective, Golkar questions accepted cultural and socio-economic systems and ideological viewpoints—as well as their persistence over time.​

...To Travel The Distance of a Changing Feeling

Performed at New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) June 2019 In the fall of 2018 I worked together with Dr. Bob Pritchard, composer Brian Topp and dancer Sarah Wasik creating travel the distance of a changing feeling using the interactive technology of the Kinect-Controlled Artistic Sensing System (KiCASS) and the Responsive User Body Suit (RUBS). The research project is led by Dr. Bob Pritchard ​

Ashes For Beauty and The Return - Davida Monk

For the month of May 2019 I got to work along side Davida Monk as her rehearsal assistant for the remount of Ashes For Beauty and The Return. It was very special to get to know Davida and her way of working through these processes, it was inspiring to work with a choreographer who has such a clear artistic vision and years of practice. More about Davida's work:  ​

Amanda Smart Recollect

Francesca Frewer and I was invited to dance to Amanda Smart's opening exhibition of Recollect at the Betamax Gallery on April 12, 2019 As an improviser it is always a joy to dance with other artists and expressions, especially with work like Amandas that have so much movement in it already. Check out her beautiful paintings here

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