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Mann Ist Mann | Collaboration with Babak Golkar


Mann Ist Mann is a collaboration with visual artist Babak Golkar, in which I choreographed a series of dances for video, to be part of an installation in Babak's exhibition All the Blind Men, organized by the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, in partnership with the Servais Family Collection, and presented at their collection space

The Loft in Brussels. 

Danced by Matthew Wyllie and Aiden Cass this piece is an interpretation of a piece of music that Bertolt Brecht wrote for an early play, titled Mann Ist Mann, which he played between 1924-1926. The play humorously explores themes of war, human fungibility, and identity. One of the agitprop works inspired by the developments in USSR praising the bolshevik collectivism and replaceability of each member of the collective: a man is a man.


Mann Ist Mann is conjured through a triangular dialogue between sound, video-recorded performance, and a painted image of the Tsar of Russia pretending to fly. In each case, by distorting assumed certainties of perspective, Golkar questions accepted cultural and socio-economic systems and ideological viewpoints—as well as their persistence over time.

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