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In a not so distant future one of the cyborgs awakens at Progress Lab 1422. Moving through fragments of memories, old programming and rediscovering her own identity as a free agent,  she questions if she is human, animal or machine?
Sometimes rage runs through her and it feels like shedding skin.  
Ecdysis at Progress Lab 1422 is a site specific installation and immersive performance experience. Incorporating a sound installation, video projection, live performance, set and lighting design in the courtyard outside Progress Lab. 

Choreography: Emmalena Fredriksson
Costume: Design, Spine technology and Programming: 
Alaia Hamer, Bob Pritchard and Daniel Tsuii
Music: Filip Gorecki
Lighting Designer: Kyla Gardiner
Set Designer: Alaia Hamer
Video projections: Emmalena Fredriksson and Bob Pritchard
Photography: Luciana Freire D’Anunciacao
Videography: Lukas Hyrman 
Rehearsal Director: Hayley Gawthrop
Interns/Understudies: Desirée James  and Myah McCarthy


Recent | Upcoming Performances

Going Solo Together (Online)

Sweden, December 2020

Rotary Center for the Arts Kelowna

June 2022

Progress Lab

October 2022, Presented in partnership with Tara Cheyenne

Performances and New Works

Accelerate 6.0

The Dance Centre B.C. January 2023 

Ecdysis Film

Spring 2023 


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