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Dance Work / Work Dance

Dance Work / Work Dance was the final research project of my MFA degree. From January to June 2015 I explored dance as an exhibition based practice in collaboration with ten Vancouver dancers: Sarah Fdili-Alaoui, Isabelle Kirouac, Alexa Mardon, Erika Misuhashi, Layla Mrozowski, Deanna Peters, Daisy Thompson, Lexi Vajda and Ashley Whitehead. We developed and presented four solos in one public studio showing at 611 Alexander street, a critical dance series residency at Unit/ Pitt projects called An Exact Vertigo, Dress Code In Effect a group exhibition at Access Gallery and in Therapeutic Drawings a Haunt exhibition at the Interurban gallery and our final solo show Dance Work / Work Dance at the Audain Gallery. 


"Experimenting with modes of visual art as an entry-point for dance making and presenting, Dance Work / Work Dance engages alternative perspectives on dance and the exhibition space. Working with improvisational looping scores, ten performers on rotational shifts create distinct dances of varying durations throughout the gallery. The interplay between works, the proximity between dancer and spectator, and the blurring of these roles extends the boundaries of each dance; drawing focus around and beyond the exhibition space. The durational aspect and simultaneity of the exhibited dances—the awareness of performances unseen—contributes to a sense of infinite potential viewing experiences. To dance like no one is watching and everything is seen, to watch like no one is dancing and everything is dance."


Preview by Carolina Bergonzoni, Vancitybuzz

An Exact Vertigo – four weeks of dance at Unit/Pitt Projects


Review by Peter Dickinson,

Performance, Place and Politics Blog

Dance Work/Work Dance at the Audain Gallery, SFU


Fb- event page

Dance Work / Work Dance


Photography Adam Campkin, Uwe Homm,

Ashley Whithead and Angela Yan

Developed through the support of Simon Fraser University, Unit / Pitt project and Haunt Gallery.

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