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CoexisDance | Collaboration with Ben Wylie

Curated by Dance Centre Artist-in-Residence Olivia C. Davies, CoexisDance (Western Edition 1) took place Dec. 22 at 8 p.m. at Scotiabank Dance Centre and featured an evening of live improvisational duets between local dancers and musicians. 

The pairings:

Contemporary dance artist Emmalena Fredricksson and composer/interdisciplinary artist Ben Wylie 

Aerial dance artist Emily Long and singer Marisa Etchart

Contemporary dance artist Julia Carr and singer/visual artist Carol Sawyer

Contemporary dance artist Lori Hamar and violinist Joshua Zubot

Butoh dancer Salome Nieto and guitarist/composer Jeff Younger

Contemporary dance artist Sophie Brassard and guitarist/percussionist Rémi Thibault

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