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APOPO | Tom Pritchard

APOPO was performed by Chloe Whipple, Jonny Rowden and Emmalena Fredriksson with On The Stage Of The Present Director Tom Pritchard at the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter April 2012.

Tom Pritchard is a dancer, writer, improviser, and choreographer. He was Associate Artist at The Arches (2010-2011) and is the artistic director of the cross-artform improvisation group On The Stage Of The Present – which in 2012 received backing from Choreographic Futures for research into improvisation.
Tom has performed and taught internationally, including his acclaimed solo in Smallpetitklein’s Falling Man (UK, USA, Europe); Linder Sterlings’ Darktown Cakewalk; Frieze Art Fair Commission Forgetful Green; and Janice Parker’s Herald Award winning and Unlimited Funded work, Private Dancer.

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