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A Real Title

A Real Title was performed at Connections A VANDOCUMENT Party in November 2014.


Created in collaboration with Alex Mah, Ashley Whitehead, Layla Mrozowski and Rob Leveroos.


Curious about the strategy to use ‘fake’ as a means to get to the ‘real’, the work was presented as a choreographic sketch at an art party/event and consisted of three scores performed amongst the party goers.


The scores played with structures in which the three dancers and one composer improvised text, movement and music as themselves, someone else in the group and their ‘fake self'. Interested in the performance having fluid beginnings and ends both within the performers and the event itself, the performers wore identical wigs through out the evening, dressed in ‘fake’ costumes and were lit by ‘fake-stage lights’.

This project was supported by Simon Fraser University. 

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